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The province of Pesaro-Urbino boasts an extremely rich and versatile landscape, a small sample of all Italy has to offer, uniting the sea and hills, small villages and art towns, seaside life and mountain traditions.

Our wine-producing region begins at the coastal hills overlooked by castles - such as the ultra-famous construction at Gradara - adorning the towns of Pesaro, hometown of Gioachino Rossini and an important tourist and cultural centre, and Fano, filled with valuable Roman relics. It extends to the inland areas surrounding the magnificent Urbino, birthplace of Raffaello Sanzio and UNESCO World Heritage Centre, as well as protected natural sites such as the San Bartolo park, the Furlo Gorge and the peaceful countryside encompassing fertile valleys which rise up to meet rocky heights and medieval walled towns, some of which are still almost intact.

There is a particularly strong food and wine culture in this area between Marche and Romagna, where different traditions once met and merged to create specialities such as "brodetto di pesce" (fish stew), "passatelli" (pasta made using breadcrumbs), cannelloni "alla Rossini", beans with pork rind, cuttlefish with peas, "garagoli" (sea snails flavoured with aromatic herbs) and "piadina" flatbread; Bianchello del Metauro and Sangiovese from the hills around Pesaro are particularly outstanding examples of the local wine.

In a vinicultural context, La Morciola plays a fundamental role in the surrounding area, representing the most important consortium for the majority of winemakers, often managers of small companies operating in the district bordered by the Foglia, Metauro and Cesano rivers.

By optimising the value of its grapes, the wine growers' cooperative has guaranteed its members fair remuneration for their work. Together with the conservation and modernisation of the vineyards, this has ensured the continuation of wine-production activities in the Pesaro countryside, significantly contributing to safeguarding an incomparable agricultural landscape and a productive infrastructure consisting of finely interwoven skills handed down through the generations.

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